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March 2021 Newsletter – 30th Anniversary Edition

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Dear Freed Associates Community,

Time goes by quickly when you are learning and having fun. I am humbled that Freed Associates is reaching our milestone of 30 years in business. In so many ways, this time has gone by in the blink of an eye! I think we all have a version of how time is now moving during this pandemic. These are unique times, and in the midst of challenges and sadness, hope and progress, I am happy to celebrate this meaningful anniversary with you.

Thirty years ago, it was very much a man’s world. I was lucky enough to have a mentor, a woman and a CFO, teach me what was possible within this industry. I was also fortunate to have a first client that believed in me and wanted help. Inside I had a drive to improve healthcare and to support employees, especially women who were undervalued in the marketplace. From the beginning, I focused on developing a positive workplace culture filled with people dedicated toward serving our clients. Thirty years later, I am still focusing on our culture, people and client service!

Implementing change in healthcare can be daunting and from the beginning Freed Associates focused on helping solve clients’ problems no matter how complex. In the early 1990’s healthcare institutions were implementing technology and improving communication to drive better outcomes. With a foundation in revenue cycle and information technology work, the trust of our clients allowed Freed Associates to venture into new areas such as business optimization and strategic advisory services in order to better serve patients and members. As we expanded our services, our success has been due to our hands on team of experienced consultants that are personally invested in getting things right for our clients, no matter what.

After 30 years Freed Associates remains dedicated to working hand in hand with our clients to create an environment where outcomes are always a group win. We are eager to continue to collaborate, learn from, and evolve with our clients and the healthcare industry. We are excited about making a difference in the evolution of healthcare, from the current challenges of COVID-19 to the dramatic growth in digital and applied analytics. Regulatory developments such as interoperability and price transparency will always keep our industry busy.

We are delighted to be rebranding Freed later this year and launching an updated web site. We know the only constant is change itself, and we embrace learning and growing while focusing on our values of integrity, teamwork, versatility, excellence, and work/life balance. Please take a moment and think of how life has changed for you in the last 30 years.

Thank you to everyone who has put your trust in us and know how much we appreciate you.

Dava Freed, Founder and CEO

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