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Good Experiences, Good Advice

“Good advice is priceless,” writes bestselling author Seth Godin. “Not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Not imaginary, but practical.” Godin could have been talking about this month’s featured Freed newsletter articles. In “Three Steps for Maximizing Your Organization’s Consulting Relationship,” Samir Panchal draws on his several years of consulting experience to help you maximize your own consulting relationships. In “When Success Depended on Well-Performing Tech,” you will learn how a startup company ensured that its backbone technology would perform well.

POV: Three Steps for Maximizing Your Organization’s Consulting Relationship
Samir Panchal, Freed Associate By: Samir Panchal. As seen in Healthcare Business Today. Why do some external consulting relationships seem to thrive, while others become challenging? In this article, we explore how and why a major health care provider significantly benefited from an external consulting relationship, and how you can apply these lessons to your organization, no matter its type or size. Read more…

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: When Success Depended on Well-Performing Tech
David Mendlowitz, Freed Associate By: David Mendlowitz An innovative new health care services and technology company needed its new data center operational and business productivity software to perform well. Learn how this company overcame these challenges to launch on-time and meet a critical market timing need. Read more…

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