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First to Understand

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood” is Habit 5 of Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey calls it “the single most important principle…in the field of interpersonal relations.” It reminds us to truly listen and understand another’s perspective before sharing our own point of view. Proactive listening and understanding underpin our three featured articles this month. With “Achieve New Levels of Business Success by Adding a Chief of Staff,” learn how this increasingly popular executive role ensures key audiences get heard. In “Occupational Health Company Creates New Operations Model to Drive Efficiency,” see how internal input led to a new operating model. In “Are Your CDHP Participants Fully Understanding their Plans?,” learn how understanding leads to increased satisfaction.

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: Achieving New Levels of Business Success by Adding a Chief of Staff
Health Care Newsletter 2018 with Shanti Wilson. By: Shanti Wilson. Operational oversight demands in health care organizations are increasingly becoming too complex and time-consuming for a single senior executive to properly manage. Learn how the vice president of a leading health care system used a chief of staff to successfully navigate multiple major operational changes and initiatives, as well as her everyday organizational goals. Read more…

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: Occupational Health Company Creates New Operations Model to Drive Efficiency
Freed Associate Nikki Iantuono By: Nikki Iantuono. A provider of occupational medicine and worker’s compensation services sought to improve the consistency and effectiveness of its administrative capabilities serving its employer and payer clients. Learn how the company, through a new, scalable operating model, optimized its sales processes, enhanced forecasting capabilities, and created a template for future facility openings. Read more…

POV: Are Your CDHP Participants Fully Understanding Their Plans?
Freed Associate Carly Dunham By: Carly Dunham As seen in Healthcare Business Today Employers are increasingly offering consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) to their employees, but do employees understand how these plans work? Learn multiple proven ways of helping employees better understand CDHPs. Read more…

NEWS: Statewide Provider Directory Utility Soft Launch Underway.
IHA logo Freed Associates is partnering with IHA with its upcoming “soft launch” of the PDU (Provider Directory Utility) to assess its full functionality, validate the cloud-based system, test business and technical assumptions and identify potential risks and enhancements. IHA plans to launch the final version of the PDU to California health plans and providers in early 2019. Read more…

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