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November 2019 Newsletter – Industry Expertise & Top Consultant Insights

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Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

While our nation’s celebration of Thanksgiving is traditionally considered a time for gratitude and reflection, it’s also a chance to look ahead with renewed optimism. This is particularly so when the decisions you’ve made and steps taken in the past year are poised to yield positive results. Desired outcomes are the byproduct of focused thought and effort. In this month’s newsletter, we highlight several positive outcomes in health care achieved via careful, thoughtful initiative. Learn what steps to take (and avoid) in “The 7 Key Factors for Health Care Mergers.” Boost the power of your health data from “Getting Your Health Data Right.” Learn how a strategic partnership boosted business in “Provider Network Development for Medicare Advantage Expansion.” Find out how a major health care system improved itself in “How a Home Health Provider Improved Patient Satisfaction.”

POV: The 7 Key Factors for Health Care Mergers
By: Robin Figueroa As seen in the Healthcare Innovation. As health systems increasingly merge and affiliate with one another to share in the cost of doing business and potentially gain market share, how is it possible to ensure success from such an effort? Learn the seven key factors for success in a health care merger or affiliation. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Getting Your Health Data Right
By: Kam Reams & Alex Go A health system’s leaders lacked the right data to drive timely and accurate decision-making. Learn how an integrated data platform will help them. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Provider Network Development for Medicare Advantage Expansion
By: Scott Walkiewicz & Allie Freed A new Medicare Advantage offering meant re-contracting with 3,000 providers. Learn how a leading health system efficiently gained contract approvals. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: How a Home Health Provider Improved Patient Satisfaction
By: Mark Schneider Patient and caregiver calls to a widely used home health and hospice care program were going unanswered, dropped or otherwise mishandled, potentially jeopardizing the program’s business and reputation. Learn how this program created a successful new process for handling its inbound calls. Read more…

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