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October 2019 Newsletter – Industry Expertise & Top Consultant Insights

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“Small” Changes, Big Results

Last year, United Airlines sparked news stories by changing to a lighter-weight paper for its in-flight magazine, making each flight an average of 11 pounds lighter. The cumulative flight weight reduction, across 4,500+ daily flights, helped the airline save more than 170,000 gallons of fuel a year, worth $290,000. Small yet significant operational changes can make a big difference to any organization, especially in health care. In this newsletter, we highlight several incremental changes to yield major positive results. In “Reducing Violence Against Your Health Care Staff,” we suggest how providers can enhance staff safety. “Enhancing Self-Service Analytics” details how non-tech staff can directly improve quality. “Patient Financial Clearance Makes Needed Improvements,” shows how productivity gains impact operational performance. “Insourcing Accounts Receivable for Financial Gain” shows the positive power of insourcing.

POV: Reducing Violence Against Your Health Care Staff
By: John Tanner As seen in the AAHAM Journal. Workplace violence against health workers is rising. What can be done? Learn the mitigation tactics your organization should take to make it safer. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Enhancing Self-Service Analytics
By: Josh Nathan Through self-service analytics (SSA), a health care system can now convert data into actions to improve care and reduce costs. Learn how it happened. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Patient Financial Clearance Makes Needed Improvements
By: Samir Panchal Improved patient financial clearance (PFC) = reduced costs and increased revenue. Learn how a health system significantly enhanced its PFC department. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Insourcing Accounts Receivable for Financial Gain
By: Agnes Walczak A hospital’s decision to outsource part of its accounts receivable to an out-of-state vendor was not going well. Learn how insourcing accounts receivable helped this hospital gain several new and valuable workflows, and significantly improve its cash flow. Read more…

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