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How do you feel about change? As we grow and change, so do our perspectives about change. As health care professionals, we are faced with how to implement new initiatives in an ever-changing environment. The pace of change in our industry is impacted by technology, ACA and the increasing percentage of GDP for healthcare. Everyone has the same objectives: improve patient/customer satisfaction while reducing costs and increasing quality. There are many complexities and interdependencies that come with the changes we want to make, and as we know, there is no magic elixir.Our goal at Freed Associates is to not only share our thinking about today’s key health care topics, it is also to help our clients navigate the kind of innovations needed to keep pace with the speed and elasticity of our industry. For example, in this issue, we talk about important population health initiatives and governance. We have found that governance goes hand-in-hand with population health efforts, providing clarity and guidelines allowing organizations to demonstrate results.John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life.” Like the seasons, it cannot be prevented and it can be appreciated. As we ready ourselves for the fall, the upcoming election and the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, I invite you to embrace the changes you and your organization are working toward. I hope you enjoy this newsletter. Please let me know your thoughts on these topics.Best regards,Dava Freed

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Population Health Efforts
By: Chet Stagnaro As seen in: Healthcare Informatics. Freed Associate Chet Stagnaro How can you cost-effectively and efficiently harness technology to improve your population health efforts? It’s a common question, as technology is the enabler for population health initiatives, yet many providers appear to be stalled or stymied in their attempts. It’s certainly not for a lack of interest among health care providers, as population health ties directly into their desire to provide optimal care for their communities. The problem is that it’s incredibly challenging to consolidate the massive amounts of data needed to improve population health and simultaneously devise a nimble technology platform to support it. Use the following best practices to help guide you. Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: Team Approach to Value-Based Care Program Pays Off for Major Health Care System
A success story by: Shanti Wilson Freed Associate Shanti WilsonA major health system sought to maximize and systematize its risk arrangement opportunities and initiated a value-based care project to manage all its payer risk arrangements. Freed Associates developed and implemented the health system’s value-based care strategy.Continue reading…

Proper IT Governance Begins with These Best Practices
By: Mark Jahn Freed Associate Mark JahnAs seen in: Managed Healthcare Executive.IT leadership begins with the fundamental principles of governance, to help direct and guide an organization. But IT governance can be a challenge for many health care organizations, which may lack the best-practice IT governance principles, guidelines, and processes necessary for success in today’s technology-dependent, budget-constrained environment.Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: Freed Enhances Rollout, Use and Adoption of Client’s New Workflow Automation System
A success story by: Gwen Elwood Freed Associate Gwen ElwoodWhen a health plan’s IT applications team needed to roll out a much-needed workflow automation tool to 75 marketing department staff members after prior setbacks, it engaged Freed Associates (Freed) to lead a revitalized, adoption-focused project.Continue reading…

San Francisco Business Times logo Freed Associates is listed 28th among the largest women-owned Bay Area businesses
There are an estimated 192,300 women-owned companies in the San Francisco metro area in 2016, up 34 percent since 2007, according to the San Francisco Business Times. They rank the 100 largest majority women-owned businesses in the region by revenue in 2015. Freed Associates is listed 28th on that list.See the full list.

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Freed Associates Consultants Volunteer at the Santa Ana, California, Clinic in the Park. More about Clinic in the Park.

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