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You may not be familiar with the name Taiichi Ohno; you likely know his work. Ohno, a Japanese industrial engineer, famously conceived the Toyota Production System (TPS) starting in the late 1940s. Today TPS is widely known as the Lean manufacturing system. Organizations of all types, including in health care, can benefit from breakthrough business thinking and systems conceived by experts such as Ohno. The key is knowing how and when to apply such insights. In “Using a Premortem Process to Reduce Complex Project Risks,” see how this risk-reduction process can provide a crucial difference to complex projects. In “Lean Process Drives Finance Department Transformation,” learn how a Lean approach helped a post-merger finance department thrive.

POV: Using a Premortem Process to Reduce Complex Project Risks
Health Care Newsletter September 2018 with Crystal CooperBy: Crystal Cooper. As seen in HealthCare Business Today. Does your health organization have any complex “cannot fail” projects? If so, consider using a premortem process to proactively identify your project’s greatest risks and take preventive action against them. Learn how to conduct a quality premortem process within your organization, head off project problems before they occur, and ensure a greater likelihood of project success. Read more…

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: Lean Process Drives Finance Department Transformation
Freed Associate Liz AronBy: Liz Aron A nationally renowned health system’s finance department found itself unable to adjust to a new centralized model to match the larger organization. Learn how a value stream mapping workshop helped this department achieve the improvements and cultural transformation it needed to support ongoing integration, heighten productivity and improve staff member engagement and satisfaction. Read more…

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