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September 2019 Newsletter – Industry Expertise & Top Consultant Insights

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Surpassing Prior Expectations

In September 1919, 24-year-old Babe Ruth established a new single-season home run record considered amazing for that era. Ruth’s 29 home runs easily exceeded the prior mark of 25, set 20 years earlier. Superlative performance is often considered unsurpassable — until someone else comes along and does it better. This month’s newsletter highlights efforts in health care to exceed prior achievement levels. “Improve Medical Group Performance” offers ways to achieve better clinical and financial results. “Toward Better Knowledge Management” explains how to improve internal knowledge management. “Partnering to Achieve New Success Levels” details how two organizations joined to offer a new Medicare Advantage product.

POV: Improve Medical Group Performance
By: Mark Schneider As seen in HealthCare Business Today Medical groups and clinical practices interested in improving their clinical and financial performance should proactively work to build a more engaging, patient-focused culture. Learn the seven steps to consider when working to improve your clinic’s operations and culture. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Partnering to Achieve New Success Levels
By: David Mendlowitz Can two large, complex health systems successfully partner to expand their Medicare Advantage sales? Learn how these systems joined for growth. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Toward Better Knowledge Management
By: Kam Reams Knowledge management helps health care organizations more effectively manage internally and externally generated knowledge and enhance care and customer/patient service. Learn how a leading health care organization developed a new knowledge management roadmap and implementation plan. Read more…

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