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Gina Buban

Gina Buban is a consultant with vast experience in business process redesign and operations consulting across the spectrum of healthcare organizations.

Gina Buban joined Freed Associates in 2011. She is an experienced leader of large-scale operational transformation projects, information technology (IT) initiatives and specialized health care consulting engagements. Her work includes business process redesign and operations consulting, medical management program development, and change management. Gina has created and managed numerous milestone plans to ensure accurate and timely completion of projects that often include meeting regulatory requirements.  Over her career of 25+ years, she has worked with a wide array of acute and non-acute care providers, insurers and public health organizations across multiple public, private and international sectors helping them meet their goals.

Gina is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP). She earned her Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Socioeconomics and her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

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